Are they safe?

Absolutely!  These have been in development for nearly 3 years.  We use the same equipment that your current concentrates are made from. We use only accredited labs in Oklahoma to test all our products.  The input cannabis is hand-picked and tested.  The finished product is also tested to ensure you are receiving a quality product.   Click here to see the test results for the latest batch of Blue Diamonds.  

What makes the diamonds blue?

Let’s start with what it’s not.  Some posts on the internet will show you things like metal, salts, or organic molecules like azulene all can be used to make “things” blue.  True – BUT – None of those are used here. There are also good ingredients like terpenes and flavonoids that if processed in certain way, will make cannabis diamonds blue.  This is what we use!!  Many good things come in blue! – The sky, the ocean, flowers, birds, eyes 😊 and now WillBillyTek Blue Diamonds.

What is a flavonoid?

Flavonoids are a group of plant compounds thought to provide health benefits through cell signaling pathways and antioxidant effects. Flavonoids are polyphenolic molecules containing 15 carbon atoms and are soluble in water and can hold colors.  Cannabis flavonoids are concentrated in Blue Diamonds.  They are almost double what you would find in normal concentrates.

What’s a terpene?

Terpenes are found in most plants and fruits.  The aromatic oils exist to lure pollinators like bees and repel predators.  Cannabis terpenes come from the same blends that create cannabinoids like CBD and THC.  It is thought they play a role in the difference between strains.

Are blue diamonds made entirely from cannabis?

Yes!!  These are made entirely from the cannabis plant.   Blue Diamonds utilize a unique hydro carbon process (BHO is the most common) that differs from traditional processes.   This process retains more flavonoids and other essentials of the cannabis plant.   This process is called chromatography.  

Exactly how are the blue diamonds made?

They are made utilizing the same equipment we use on all our other concentrates.  It’s a hydro carbon process that retains more flavonoids and other essentials of the cannabis plant called chromatography.  The exact “how” is kind of like asking the Colonel what is the recipe that makes his KFC chicken so good.  Or asking Pepsi, how do you make that great tasting soda?  It’s difficult to tell the entire “how” without revealing the secret that has taken so long to perfect. What we can tell you is they are a 100% cannabis product.  The processing technique has taken years to perfect.  They are 100% 3rd party tested and they dab great!

What effects can I expect? 

You can expect a strong high that will last for hours.  It is the perfect balance for new users and experienced dabbers.  The high potency and flavor combo let’s YOU gauge how much or little you need for your perfect medication.  Just remember everyone’s body and tolerance are different.  As always start low and go slow.

Is this a process others can do? 

We are excited to have a process that is patented and has patents pending to protect the research behind making these products.

Can you make diamonds other colors using this process?

Why yes, we can!  Look forward to other colors coming soon!

Look for us at different events across Oklahoma

The founder of WillBillyTek will be at events in Oklahoma as we roll the products out to stores in a limited supply. Follow us on Instagram @WiLLBiLLYTEK

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